Can the overuse of mask peel- off masks damage your skin? The brief answer: Yes – The facts: Charcoal peel off masks will be the latest skincare trend. Since that the mask dries and hardens, it traps impurities such as blackheads, whiteheads, dead the skin and oil plugs, all that get pulled out of the skin when the mask is ripped off. The effect: skin which appears shiny, skin and clean and feels soft and smooth. Theres no denying the cult product’s potency.

What more evidence do you need of its cleansing properties than see the gunk out of your own pores embedded in that the mask once you rip it off your skin? With such remarkable and strangely pleasing results, its no wonder lovers of the mask have an inclination to use the product more frequently than is needed. But overuse can damage the skin more than it helps. The mask sticks not to just that the blackheads and whiteheads, but also the skin and hair on the face, says Dr Low Chai Ling, health director of The Sloane Clinic at Singapore.

When the mask is removed, it strips off the surface of skin and oils which protect skin from the surroundings. In the same time, the mask brings out that the small, fine hairs on that the face, resulting in substantial pain not unlike that of waxing. The charcoal peel off mask may cause the same problems, particularly if used often. Our the skin has a natural protective barrier, known as the lipid barrier, which minimises humidity loss and is important to that the health and strength of that the skin. Low says that, whenever we interrupt this lipid barrier through traumatising actions like that the too frequent use of peel off masks, our the skin becomes more very sensitive and susceptible to irritation.

Therefore, while you might cleanse your pores, you are doing it at that the expense of your overall the skin wellness. The removal of blackheads, whiteheads and petroleum plugs is definitely a big draw of the charcoal peel off mask, which clarifies the products phenomenal popularity, Low says. Nevertheless, its the invisible harm to the skin which causes most concern. What you do not see being removed will be the skins protective oils, that are crucial for the healthful function of the skin.

In addition making the rounds on social network will be recipes for home made charcoal peel off masks which use activated charcoal powder and superglue. Low warns of the risks of utilizing such a mixture on the skin. Superglue contains cyanoacrylate, which hardens very rapidly, she points out. Whenever you tear off that the home made charcoal mask, you might experience skin burn and run the potential risk of seriously damaging your skin. If you like the idea of utilizing a charcoal peel off mask around your face, definitely avoids the home made versions which use superglue.

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